My Experience Working with Real Clients

By: Kendra Ullman

During my last year of college, I had the pleasure to work with Happy
Valley Communications, Penn State’s first student-run public relations
firm.  I was an account associate working with UPUA Legal Affairs and
Centre County PAWS.  Our public relations team included Elle Scarpa,
Kelsey Thompson, and our account executive, Jennifer Wallington.

In the fall, we began working with Legal Affairs, which is a staff of
student volunteers dedicated to helping peers through the Judicial
Affairs process.   A few examples of our work included creating a
brochure, flyers, PSAs, and reaching out to fraternities to help
educate the students about their options when dealing with the law.
After we helped them as much as possible, we transitioned to Centre
County PAWS as our new client for the spring semester.

Centre County PAWS is a non-euthanasia cat and dog shelter dedicated
to educating the community about proper pet care and placing homeless
cats and dogs into loving homes. We created a great campaign proposal
which included an event called the “Cat Walk” to showcase special
needs cats. We wanted to show these cats are just as adoptable as the
other cats and need homes, too.  Social media was also important in
our campaign which included weekly “cat nips” on Twitter and a
“Scratchin’ Post” on Facebook to help engage the community in a more
interactive way while providing useful information about pet care.

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