My Summer in a Nutshell

Hey there! My name is Emily Rae Sabo. I am a freshman at Penn State this year and I am thrilled to be a part of PRSSA. My summer consisted of both work and play: I worked as an employee at the Chick-fil-a® in my hometown, I taught dance to the youth of America, and I babysat for a family on my street. As far as my playtime, I went to drive-ins and attended some summer shows. One of my favorite experiences of the summer was the Bamboozle Roadshow®, a traveling music festival that passed through Pittsburgh. It opened me up to a good number of new, up-and-coming artists and musicians. I also visited New York City for a weekend with my musical director and experienced the world that is The Big Apple. After meeting Kelsey Grammar, seeing Twyla Tharp’s classical dance show Come Fly Away, taking a class at the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, biking through Central Park, and at last, seeing the Naked Cowboy, I realized I had contracted the NYC bug. Being in the city as an independent adult prepared me for college, and now I am left with the wanderlust spirit, always hungry to travel! Thanks for listening!

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