My Summer Internship

By: Carley Lang

I spent my summer as an intern with Branding Brand, an online public relations firm that specializes in mobile commerce platforms, social advertising networks, and social media management. The company is based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Branding Brand is young, only about three years old, but has landed major clients since its start, including Dick’s Sporting Goods and Steve Madden.

During the summer months I spent with Branding Brand, I learned about things I didn’t even know existed, like search engine optimization (SEO) and Google’s PageRank. My primary responsibility was to contact bloggers to set up product giveaways and reviews for my assigned client. Although the company has an extensive database of bloggers they’ve worked with in the past, I also had to find new bloggers to work with, which could be difficult at times!

After getting in touch with a blogger, I assigned them keywords to use in their blog entry about the client’s product and gave them the guidelines they had to follow. Though it sounds simple, getting everything just right could sometimes take dozens of e-mail exchanges!

Overall, I had an amazing summer internship. I learned a lot and gained great experience, and would definitely recommend working for this company to anyone interested in online public relations!

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