The Public Relations Industry As Seen On TV

By: Lauren Grimes

I was in my Comm473 (Public Relations Campaigns) class talking about the use of the media in PR and the new television show The Spin Crowd came up.  The new hit E! show has gained much popularity, but does it really portray the life of a public relations professional?  Jonathan Cheban, the founder of Command PR, prides himself on his celebrity clients but his portrayal on the show does not make me think that his company runs with normal PR practices. 

While most PR professionals work with media outreach and media impressions, Command PR works to make celebrities out of nobodies.  In one episode, Jonathan, his partner Simon and their gaggle of made-up girls paraded around LA getting celebrities to stand in front of stores to promote the store.  To a company providing a full service PR campaign, a one-time appearance from a celebrity at a store is not nearly what we define as a campaign tactic.  Although I will admit I do watch the show, as a PR student myself I can’t help but think that Command PR and The Spin Crowd are just ways to get more fame to a celebrity driven company and an industry on TV that glorifies the work that in many cases is not that glamorous.  I wonder why this show is doing so well on E! when its content is fluff?

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