From Bio to PR

By Michael Young

When I first started at Penn State, I was majoring in biology. I thought I was cut out to be in the sciences, and I began my career traveling down that path. However, the biology major didn’t work out, and I became frustrated very quickly. At that point, I took a mental inventory of myself, and decided that one of my greatest strengths was my ability to write. Keeping this in mind, I explored the catalog of majors, and soon found public relations. I thought it seemed like a good match to my abilities, so I scheduled an appointment with a communications advisor, and switched into the major without thinking twice. I can happily say today, two years later, that this is one of the best decisions I made while at Penn State. I have been very academically satisfied, and I really have the opportunity to hone some of my best skills: writing and speaking. I haven’t fully turned away from my biology background, though, because healthcare PR is one of the areas I would be interested in exploring after I graduate in May.

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