PR Just Runs in the Family

By Samantha Monacci

Almost half of my older cousins have advertising jobs in New York City. My cousin, Beth, used to work for the New York Giants, handling all of their advertising and campaigning. I used to visit her in the city every summer with my older sister and took note of how much she loved her job. She would light up whenever she was asked about the Giants and new developments at work. I enrolled at Penn State as an undecided major, unsure about what I was supposed to do with my life. Unfortunately, my father didn’t particularly appreciate this and he expressed his disapproval of my uncertainty about my future. During the summer, I grew tired of this and decided to research the advertising major at Penn State. I noticed that it was a joint major along with PR. As a naive seventeen year old, I really had no idea what PR was about. I quickly wikipedia-ed it and discovered what the career entailed. As I read and scrolled down and across the page, my interest grew and I could picture myself working in the field. I decided that when I arrived at college that fall, I would try and involve myself in PR related activities to see how I felt about the major. Although I’m undecided, I am planning to major in PR. One might say that I was pushed into picking a major, but I can honestly say that if I wasn’t, I might not have discovered PR and the wonderful field that it is.

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