Versatility in PR

By Cydney Acti

The mass communications field has always been an interest of mine: advertising, journalism, or photography. I wanted to become a part of every aspect of communications before I knew exactly what direction I would take. While doing a little research, I found out about another aspect of communications, Public Relations. Public Relations is a field that allows you to be more versatile when choosing a career: working in corporate, in entertainment, in fashion, or in government affairs. I still would like to be skilled in all areas of communications, but PR is my main focus.Now that I have channeled my enthusiasm into a career choice of PR, I am currently preparing myself for the real world. I plan on going abroad, taking on internships, and learn about the technologies needed for working in PR. Even though I am a sophomore, I strongly believe that planning ahead is integral for working in PR, as you must stay on top of the media to do an adequate job for your company or client; choosing the career was the easy part, now what direction of PR will I take? Since there are many sectors involved in PR, I wan to experience them all; working for a firm might be the best choice. PR firms are hired by different organizations, companies, and individuals, allowing me to see firsthand what this field is all about.

I still have a little time here at Penn State, but I know what I want and I am more than willing to go after my aspirations of PR!

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