Why Public Relations?

By Cori Edgin

Every time I meet someone new they immediately ask me what my major is and why I chose it. After I tell them Public Relations, I see their eyebrows raise and their eyes narrow. Of the few people who actually know what Public Relations practitioners do, many don’t respect them. They think back to the days of “spin” or they look to the television for inaccurate depictions of what a career in Public Relations actually entails. They are unaware that these television shows, movies, and books are often very wrong.

I decided to get into Public Relations for the glamor. I’ll admit it. I saw the pretty and powerful women on the screen and in the magazines and I dreamed of being them one day. I wanted to work at a magazine and meet movie stars and go to the hottest parties. Once I reached college, however, I learned that the real PR world is completely different than that in the movies. Sure, you may be lucky enough to meet a famous person, but it’s often not as glamorous as it appears. Also, I learned that this job is not for the faint of heart. It is for people who are committed to their work and who want to make a difference.

In the end, I grew to love PR in a different way than I previously had. I realized that the glamour and the prestige didn’t matter as much as I thought. It only mattered that I wanted to communicate with people and establish relationships throughout the community. This career gives me the opportunity to give back and to do something I love. I know I’ll never regret my choice of majoring in Public Relations.

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