Why I Decided to Get Involved with PR

By Monica Simon

 Before I decided to make my major public relations, I was first in journalism and then in Advertising. Although I enjoyed both of those majors, I felt like something was missing. Advertising was creative, but dealt with little writing. On the contrary, journalism offered a lot of writing, but little creativity. I needed something that would offer me a mix of creativity and writing, because those are the things I like most in life.

My decision ultimately came when I first took Introduction to Public Relations with Steve Manuel. My advisor suggested I take the class just to make sure I did not want to do. Turns out that it was that advice that got me where I am today. I loved the class, and I loved public relations.

Public relations has always been the perfect amount of fun and work combined. I love to feel challenged, but I also love to have fun while I am working. Public relations is the perfect major for that! That’s why I find myself where I am today.

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