How Social Media Has Impacted Me

By: Samantha Monacci

As a preteen, I was never interested in Myspace or Xanga: basically the only two forms of social media available for someone my age. Once my freshman year of high school came, my friend mentioned Facebook and I decided to set up my own page. Barely anyone in my grade had one at the time, so I had a total of maybe ten friends, yet I was hooked. I loved changing my profile picture, telling the world about my hobbies, and writing obsessively on my friends’ walls. However, I began to realize something about Facebook; yes, it was entertaining and addicting, but it also caused me to hide behind the internet. I would say things to people that I wouldn’t dare say in person. I can recall more than a couple of Facebook fights I had with friends over inbox messaging: huge rants filled with name calling and accusations. There was also the problem of posting things accidentally that couldn’t be erased…oops. I dislike that popularity is measured in the amount of friends you have or the number of comments posted on your new profile picture. I’ll admit that Facebook is a fantastic and easy way of keeping in touch with friends and family members, as well as spreading the word about new products and services, but I’ve realized that I need to keep more of my personal life offline and step away from the traditional blue and white page.

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