Twitter Sets Record During Super Bowl XLV

-By Jenna McCormick 

A record 162.9 million people watched this year’s Super Bowl, making it the most-watched television event ever! During the final moments of the game, fans sent 4,064 Tweets per second (TPS) – the highest TPS for any sporting event. That spike also shattered the previous record in the sporting world: the 2010 World Cup, when 3,283 TPS were sent during Japans’ 3-1 victory over Denmark.  However over the course of the night, “tweeps” shattered the record a few more times: like touchdowns by either the Packers or the, the halftime show which featured the Black Eye Peas as well as some surprised guest such as Usher and Slash.

The current leader of TPS is from Japan on New Year’s Eve which saw 6, 939 tweets sent just after midnight.

Currently Twitter has almost 200 million accounts and about 110 million tweets go out per day.

Facebook currently have more than 500 million active users. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. That’s a lot of social media.

Facebook may have a lot more users and such, but it doesn’t really have the capability (yet) to track the information the way twitter can track it. The chart below shows how far Twitter has come and when come to information like tracking “tweets” Facebook can even compete.

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