Make Your Mark in PR

By: Kimberly Mouser 

“Make your mark at Penn State!” “Be a part from the start!” Sure, as college students, we constantly hear about how vital it is to become involved on campus, almost as soon as we are immersed into student life at Penn State. But do we really take advantage of all that Penn State has to offer through these student organizations? With over 700 student organizations on campus, every student can find something to join that suits their interests. While college is meant to be a thrilling and exciting time, we also have to remember that we will need something to show for at the end of this journey. Employers love to see students who have actively participated in organizations at Penn State, and the experiences that you gain through them can provide plenty of discussion material during a job interview. While it may be tempting to skip out on joining an organization while at Penn State, it is incredibly valuable to be able to show to your potential employers how you positively contributed to another organization as a student.

In public relations, it is especially imperative to build and showcase your portfolio to potential employers. Including original press materials like media advisories, press releases, pitches and writing samples are integral in proving to future employers that you have the ability and tools necessary to complete basic public relations tasks. Essentially, your work speaks for itself. The perfect way to build your portfolio outside of class is through joining and actively participating in a student organization.  The earlier you join organizations during your college career, the more likely you will be to continue with it during the rest of your time at Penn State. But don’t worry—it’s never too late to get started. And you can start right away by clicking here:

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