Social Media: For Your Sanity and the Interest of Your Employer

By Sarah Kurz

Being new to a major in Public Relations or Advertising can be overwhelming for any fresh face. I would know. If getting acquainted to the terminology isn’t enough, add-on the introduction to a whole new level of dedication to social media and journalism. Before this year, I was the average Facebook and Twitter user, and my use of social media didn’t go far beyond that. Now, I have come to the realization that employers are looking for far more than just a cute profile picture or a tweet stream similar to your subconscious.

The job market is looking for young people who stand out. Say hello to a new dedication, blogging. And don’t forget staying up to date on your student, local, and national newspapers, other bloggers thoughts, and political television and radio. Overwhelmed yet? Yes, it can seem quite the handful at first, but fitting these new media outlets into your daily routine can actually become quite pleasing. Picking up The Daily Collegian or The New York Times for my in between class walks has become relaxing, and my new blog is a great way to split up my brain-searing homework schedule. The irony of aiming to become a Public Relations or Advertising agent is that the road to getting a job that’s goal is to please others, is by first learning to please yourself and embracing your own interests.

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