New Atmosphere on Campus

 By Jenny Johnson

Due to the high volume of reporters and media placed around Penn State campus right now, tension is higher than normal. Downtown is filled with news-vans topped with massive satellites; the traffic is even worse now at rush hour times. After a few days though, we have come accustom to stepping over extension chords and walking around crowds of reporters to get to class. The history of Penn State has forever changed from this point on.

Needless to say, this was a poor example of public relations practice and tactics. Being a PRSSA member and a Public Relations major, I’m concerned that the actions of Penn State’s public relation heads will reflect what our future employers will think of us when they see our degree. From this point on there will be a stigma to Penn State’s image; after time passes it will slowly dissipate, but for now and through the next couple years this will remain strongly in the public eye. I think I speak for everyone when I say we are ready for this situation to resolve itself, for the ones most deeply affected by the situation to get justice and for the Penn State community to regain its unity and start fresh.

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