PR Gone Wrong

By Allison Staszesky

As Public Relations students I think I speak for all of us when I say we are very disappointed in the way the allegations against Sandusky were being handled by our school’s administration. Every professor and student at PSU I know could handle this crisis better than they way it is being handled now. It’s as if everything taught to us at Penn State is being completely disregarded. Where are the ethics? morals? Well, in this case ethics and morals vanished years ago. Now its time to start cooperating with the media and start apologizing. Major mistakes in judgement were made by the people in power and those wrongs need to be corrected. The main efforts here should be making this atrocity better for the victims and their families. To make matters worse all involved saw this coming a year ago, and still there was no crisis plan put into action.

Quite frankly, I felt ashamed, hurt and disappointed. We are PSU and we are better than this.

The article below explains PSU’s major Public Relation’s downfalls, all of which PR students are taught not to do here at PSU:

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