GroupMe, a new social media app

By Alyssa Matangos

Looking for a new way to keep in touch with friends or a student organization? GroupMe is the perfect application to get involved with. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or any other smart phone, this application is easily downloadable.

GroupMe has many great features to offer. There is a group messaging feature which works wonders when trying to get messages across to many people at the same time. The app lets you create your own groups with people already in your contacts. The messages are sent out simultaneously and it feels like you are participating in a private chat room on your phone.

Another great feature is the conference call feature. When you make your groups on GroupMe each group has their own phone number. If you call that number, the call goes out to everyone in that group so you can have your own mini conference call right from your cell phone.

The location feature is another great tool. You can send out your location to only the people in these groups so they can see where you are and maybe meet up to hang out. As well as the photo sharing feature, that allows you to share photos with everyone in your group.

 The great part about this is that is completely free and easy to use. CNN claims GroupMe is “an essential addition to your app library.”


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