Advantages of PRSSA as a Freshman

By Rachael Kline

Coming into this school knowing no one, and being unfamiliar with the campus, my first goal was to join an organization. I wanted to meet people, become involved, and broaden my horizons educationally. For all of the above reasons PRSSA was a great choice. Fortunately, I also decided to apply for a THON committee, and between the two I have made new friends and felt a belonging to something important. PRSSA is a great way to meet people thru the smaller committee organizations, and get great advice from professionals at the general meetings. The opportunities each committee gives to their members are great ways to get involved. For example, writing the monthly newsletters gives experience in condensing information into a short 300 word article. Attending the weekly and monthly meetings help with time management. Not to mention the friendly and helpful executive board members and peers who make the meetings enjoyable. Another aspect of PRSSA I appreciate are the connections they provide us. Through our PRSA membership, newsletters, speakers, alumni contacts and workshops available, I truly feel like being in PRSSA is worthwhile.

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