MyPRGenie: A new social media resource for PR professionals

By Karina Yücel

MyPRGenie is a resource many public relations professionals use to track results of their PR campaigns and work within other social media networks.

MyPRGenie is launching a Twitter Genie and a Facebook Genie. These two applications, according to an article on will help companies keep track of their company’s activity in cyber space. It also helps companies get found on websites such as Google, keep track of website “hits” and optimize all their online activity. says there are 6 reasons to use MyPRGenie:

1.) To increase social media awareness and “followers” by showing you and your company how to gain a large audience on social media networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

2.) To increase search engine presence by making sure that you are easy to find on Google and other search engines.

3.) To contact and share news about your company with the 540,000 journalists affiliated with MyPRGenie.

4.) To track results of who visits the company webpage, as well as how many potential clients and customers are viewing your press release in real time.

5.) To create an online newsroom that can be easily found on all the top search engines. These newsrooms will contain stories, press releases, company history, etc. about your company.

6.) Lastly, MyPRGenie will ultimately help you connect with the over half a million journalists connected to the site in order to get your information out.


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