College of Communications Honor Code Event

Photo credit: Don Davis Program in Ethical Leadership's Facebook page

By Jenn Knowlton

The Penn State College of Communications’  Student Council recently wrote an honor code for  students to pledge to be ethical. Happy Valley Communications and Student Council paired together to create an event to promote the honor code that students flocked to on February 1st.

Colorful Sharpies were provided for students to sign multiple ginormous honor code boards that will be hung in Communications buildings throughout campus. Along with free food and fun trivia games asking questions about ethics and the college, students were able to enjoy the night with a focus on ethics. Diploma frames, a Flipcam, t-shirts and an external hard drive were given away to the winners of the raffle. Students were more than excited to try to obtain as many raffle tickets as possible to increase their chances of winning.

A Facebook competition took place up until a few days before the event. The Don Davis Program in Ethical Leadership’s Facebook page asked students to answer a question “What is your stance on ethics?” Students entered into the competition by “liking” the post and emailing the program his or her entry. At the event, the winner was announced! Kevin Janiec was the lucky winner of the contest along with a diploma frame!

This event had upwards of 115 attendees! The turn out impressed students, faculty and staff. The amount of ethical participation really brought a positive light to the College of Communications. Remember, ethics is essential!

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