By Jacqueline Till

Ever wish you were an Oscar Mayer wiener? Well, some people become pretty close. Last Tuesday night, recent alumna Taylor Hutchinson (also known as Bacon, Lettuce and Taylor), and friend Tyler Mielke (Turkey Dog Tyler) spoke at the Penn State’s PRSSA general meeting. “Relishing” their experience as Brand Ambassadors of Oscar Mayer, the two work as hotdoggers, traveling the United States in the Wienermobile.

As a traveling PR firm, hotdoggers spend a year promoting the company’s motto of food, family and fun. They also work with customers at events and assiduously tweet and blog! Before they hit the road, every hotdogger graduates from Hotdog High- where they learned about crisis communications, social media, event planning and more. Spending weekends hosting events and traveling about once a week, hotdoggers brighten the days of countless children and adults!

The Wienermobile has been traveling for 76 years, and as an established company and unique opportunity, a hotdogger position could benefit any college graduate. For information on how to become a hotdogger, visit the information session tonight, February 14, in 110 Thomas from 6 to 7pm! And check out their blog, like Oscar Mayer on Facebook and follow the hotdoggers on twitter!

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