Pinterest: Your Resume 2.0!

Another Colorful Example of a Pinterest Resume

By Sarah Kurz

If you’re worried about standing out from numerous job applicants, try spicing up your resume by using Pinterest as a supplement to your standard paper and ink. Using Pinterest as a creative outlet to display your experiences and credentials is a way to set you apart from the crowd. Here are a few ways to set up your Pinterest Resume:

1) Include full-scale pages from Powerpoint to list your work experience, inspiration, and contact information. Bright colors and large-scale fonts catch the eye and are easy to decipher. Adding graphics that pertain to the company are also a nice touch.
2) Add a YouTube video of yourself introducing who you are. This is a great way for an employer to get a sense of your personality, interests, etc.
3) Include a professional headshot.
4) Add a screenshot of your LinkedIn profile and a URL to direct employers to your profile.
5) If you use social media or a blog related to your field, include a link to this as well.
6) If you have written a book, journal, article, or designed a web page include shots of your work.

The Pinterest resume is certainly a new way to market yourself and your brand. Using this to your advantage in a world that is highly social-media and web friendly is a must!

To see an example of a Pinterest resume check this out:

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