Looking Forward to Fall Semester

By Kelly Newburg – President of the Penn State Chapter of PRSSA

As the summer starts to come to a close, I’ve started shifting my focus from my internship at charity: water, a non-profit organization that provides people in developing nations with clean water, to my responsibilities for senior year. One of the largest responsibilities I’ll have is serving as the president of Penn State’s chapter of PRSSA. Although this is technically a responsibility, I view it as much, much more.

I have been involved with PRSSA since the start of my sophomore year. Right away I was excited to learn aspects of public relations that I wasn’t learning through my classes. Within months I felt more educated and more advanced than many of my peers. In addition, I started meeting a lot of great friends through my involvement in general meetings, committee meetings and workshops.  After the first general meeting, I ran into Steph Spada (our amazing vice president) and we soon became the closest of friends, expanding beyond just our involvement in PRSSA. Each of these things made me more excited, passionate and dedicated to this nationally recognized society.

While PRSSA has been extremely beneficial in furthering my education and expanding my career goals, I have gained far more than just these basic things. I’ve gained experience, friends and amazing mentors. It’s because of this I’m excited to continue my involvement with PRSSA by serving as president. There are many wonderful aspects and traditions of Penn State’s chapter of PRSSA, but there are a lot of changes and improvements planned for the 2012-2013 academic year. I’ve had the opportunity to observe all the great things about PRSSA as well as the areas that need improvement and I look forward to the challenge of using these to move forward with this incredible society.

I’m extremely proud and excited to serve as this years PRSSA president. I look forward to a successful year, both professionally and socially. My goal is and will always remain to make PRSSA a beneficial experience for each of our members. We have incredible members, and I can’t wait to take the time to get to know each one throughout the fall and spring semesters!

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