Is Going Green The Way To Go?

By: Kayla Sredni

After watching June Cotte, a consumer behavior expert, talk about green marketing, I think it is safe to say delivery is everything. Like many things, when it comes to green marketing less is more. She believes subtlety is key for consumers’ perceptions of the product.

I happen to agree. As an American consumer, I look for products that are consistently great, have integrity, and positive character. I want to believe that I am helping to contribute to a good cause, a good company, and good people. If a company’s message is a bit too drastic and unrealistic, it makes me doubt the company as a whole.

The cliché, “If it is too good to be true, it probably is,” rings true in this situation. I am a consumer that wants honesty and truth from the producers I purchase products from daily. I want to know that they are contributing to the environment in a positive manner by changing their production process or packaging materials. I applaud the companies who go the extra mile to do their part to help planet Earth, but I also don’t need all their good deeds rubbed in my face as I utilize their product. A simple sticker on the packaging or a brief statement about their recent environmentally friendly changes in the production process would truly suffice.

Likewise, an exaggerated account about what a company has done to help the environment can have a negative effect on the company as a whole. Cotte suggests waiting until you make a major or more significant change before making your environmental impact well known. A company could seem like they are trying to look better or like they have made a bigger impact than they actually have if they advertise their good doings too soon.

In conclusion, make sure an action is truly impactful and positively affecting our Earth before coming out as a brand that is making a difference because your reputation is always on the line.

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