LinkedIn Benefits

By Julianne Tarullo

In today’s corporate world, social networking plays a much larger role than we would expect. Although we are all warned about the dangers of social media platforms and what we post on Facebook and Twitter, networking can also be used to our benefit. LinkedIn, launched in May of 2003, offers professionals a new way to build connections and discover opportunities.

The system is offered in 18 languages and operates as the world’s largest online professional network. Recent college graduates searching for jobs can get a head start with LinkedIn, advertising their skills and experience, and building connections from day one.

As a valuable communication platform, LinkedIn is an especially appreciated system for PR professionals. Users can build a profile outlining their education and professional experience. Most importantly, users are able to maintain a list of connections in the PR world. Mutual connections are also noted, and a compilation of second and third degree connections can be very helpful.

Users also have the ability to follow companies of their choice, and receive notifications of new opportunities. PR professionals are able to connect with various other specialists in the field, and even narrow their interests depending on specific skills, such as crisis communications, press coverage, or media relations.

In our digital age, careers are constantly evolving, especially in the field of PR. To succeed we must adapt and improve. LinkedIn has proven to be a crucial new tool for PR professionals in our changing society.

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