PR in the Movie Industry and Awards Season

By Kara O’Donnell

Awards season is a uniquely distinguished and celebrated time of the year. Public relations is a vital tool in promoting and supporting the art forms that are recognized at these award ceremonies. Movies specifically need ample amounts of PR in order to become as successful as possible.According to the website ‘Top Story PR,’ there are six main reasons to promote a film by utilizing the media. PR for a movie is not only beneficial for “building awareness for your film within the industry, increasing your audience and fan base, and securing a distribution deal,” but also “establishing yourself as a director, producer or writer within the industry, generating interest for upcoming projects, and securing financing for future projects.”

Many fans do not even realize that a movie’s PR is making them become more exciting and causing them to follow and support a movie even more than usual. Awards season is a vital time of the year for producers, directors, actors, and all other members of a move making team to “validate and legitimize” one’s film.

One does not need to be a specialist in PR to realize that actors make more appearances and do more interviews around the time of movie releases in order to practice efficient and positive PR for their film.

A prime example of this is the hit series “Twilight,” when the two main stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart still appeared in interviews to promote their film series, even after a major cheating scandal between the two was publicly exposed.

This helps to exemplify how important those involved with the making of movies consider PR and recognize it as a main part of their job if they want to make their projects as successful as possible.

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