Ready, Set, Let the Internships Begin


Image Credit: txstate

By Rebecca Shapiro, Director of Public Relations

As 8 a.m. rolls around Monday morning, many college students will be on their way to the first day of their summer adventure; their internship. Starting an internship can be nerve-wracking and exciting whether it is your first or tenth opportunity.

I personally began my first summer internship this past week at Verizon Wireless as a PR intern in the Corporate Communications Department. Within my first few days I have put the lessons I learned from my time in PRSSA to good use. In addition, I have learned a great deal of new information that will assist me throughout my career.

First of all listen. Make sure to attentively listen to everything said. Within your first few days, you will be given an overview of your summer responsibilities, directions of how things work, names of co-workers and more. A good idea is to have a notebook with you wherever you go. During the first week especially, interns will be loaded with new information while they learn the lay of the company. Having notes to refer back to within the coming weeks will be an integral and great asset.

Come prepared. Before starting your internship, make sure to come into the office with all necessary paperwork, a notebook, a planner, at least four pens and the numbers and email addresses of your supervisors and HR contacts in case of an issue. Also, it is extremely important to always do research on your company and your department before the start of the internship.

Talk to your co-workers. Don’t be afraid to approach and talk to your co-workers. Establishing office relationships with them will help if you have questions throughout your time with the company. It is also a good to set up a meeting and discuss how they got to their current position. Hearing real stories and advice from professionals who are where you wish to be in your career will be a great help to you.

Say yes… when you can. Interns maybe asked if they would like to sit in on a meeting, conference call or training session. If your supervisor OKs it, and you have the time without compromising the quality of your assigned work, go! Every moment of your internship is a learning opportunity so take advantage of the opportunities whenever you can.

You have landed an awesome summer internship and now it’s time to show your boss you were a good choice. Go into every day of work with a positive and professional attitude, and remember these tips throughout the entirety of your internship. Making the most of your summer experience will help to produce the best results for the company and for you.

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