The Internship Search is Never Over

By Kristina Lintz, Director of Chapter Development

New York City

Image Credit: Long Island Press

As a rising junior who knows the importance of summer internships, I spent the majority of the spring semester fine-tuning my resume (with the help of other PRSSA members!) and figuring out the perfect way to write a cover letter. When places I applied already hired their interns or weren’t looking for anyone in my area of expertise, I began to panic.

Then, like so many other College of Communications students, I attended Success in the City in April. Weighed down with resumes, business cards and a perfected elevator pitch, I was ready to score an internship in New York City this summer. But that didn’t go exactly as planned.

I talked to recruiters, and a few interested companies did exchange my resume for their business card. But after talking to many companies in various communication fields, I returned to State College empty-handed. I emailed follow-ups with all of the companies, mostly thank you notes with my resume attached, but the semester ended with no luck. I moved home ready to look for a part-time job.

Then I got an email in the middle of May. It was from a digital communications firm I met at Success in the City, which I had never heard of prior to the event. They asked if I would be willing to interview with them. Um, yes! They offered the position to me and asked if I could be in New York City in two weeks I responded. Yes!

My primary concern was finding housing. Dorms at colleges like NYU or Columbia were long gone. I looked into Craigslist sublets and rentals. Then, at the end of one very late night doing research, almost desperately, I found a school with only ten spaces left in the building closest to the office building. By the next morning, I put down a deposit and booked my travel arrangements. I was officially going to live in New York City for the summer!

Despite my friends trying to quell my worries back in the spring (they told stories of friends being offered internships after school ends), I didn’t really believe them. Alas, I am here to tell you, if I’ve learned anything throughout this process, it’s that anything can happen when it comes to internships. After all the fretting, I am here in New York City, working in the Flatiron District, at what has turned out to be the internship of my dreams.

Internships, especially in the communications field, tend to be offered on a need-by-need basis. Companies might realize they need a public relations intern immediately and put up a notice at any time of the year. That’s the tricky thing about this field, compared to a more regulated industry, you have to constantly being on the look out. Job openings change daily. Never give up hope.

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