Now What?

By Kaity Cash, Philanthropy Chair

Image Credit: Kaity Cash

Image Credit: Kaity Cash

It’s Friday morning and my internship is finished. I just spent the past 10 weeks waking up at 6 a.m. to make it into New York City in hopes of actually getting to work on time. It’s Friday morning and my alarm isn’t going off and I have nothing to do. So, now what?

I had my routine every day. Get on the train, fall asleep, get my coffee at my normal Starbucks and then ride up 12 stories to my stark-white office.

I remember my first day at Harrison & Shriftman. I never had an internship before and I was pretty clueless as to how I got this position. I was nervous and I had no idea what to expect. Who was I going to be working with? What would the other interns be like? Was I even capable of doing this job?

That day and for the next two weeks, I walked on eggshells around the office. I didn’t want to bother anyone and I definitely didn’t want to be the annoying intern. I stayed at my desk and waited for someone to give me a task. As soon as I was given a project, I finished it as fast as I could. I didn’t want to be super intern, but I definitely wanted to prove that I deserved to be there.

By the next week, I was given more and more tasks and more important projects to work on. I felt trusted by my superiors. I also started getting recognized. People started knowing my name and praising my hard work. I felt important in the office, and I definitely felt as though I had made my mark… as an intern at least.

My experience at my internship taught me more than I ever imagined. I learned about everything PR, marketing and new business. I learned about graphic design, office management and office culture as a whole. I was never really sure how to do research, social media strategy, or much else for that matter, since I never had a significant internship outside of State College.

I have this theory: I can sit in a classroom as much as I want, but I will never learn anything until I am thrown into a real situation. Well, that’s exactly what happened. I was thrown into a situation and I had no idea what I was in for, but it all worked out better than I could have imagined.

So, now what?

I’ll take my confidence and my knowledge back to State College next week to sit back in a classroom. Yes, I’ll learn during my lectures, but nothing will replace the knowledge I have gained at Harrison & Shriftman this summer.

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