Introducing Penn State PRSSA Committees

There’s more than just monthly general meetings in Penn State PRSSA. On the weeks without general meetings, it’s your chance to join a committee or two to expand your experience. Our Chapter of PRSSA has four different committees. Here’s a little bit about each one to help you decide which to join:

Event Planning (Juniors and Seniors)

The Event Planning Committee focuses on operating student-run events each semester. On average, we host three or four events each semester. Students within the committee choose which event to help plan, and each event is monitored by an executive director as well as other directors. The goal of the Event Planning Committee is to create an environment where students interested in both public relations and events can work together to sharpen their skills, network and produce fun events. In the past, this committee has organized DJ battles, clothing drives, networking events and more. This year our committee hopes to expand our variety of event genres, achieve greater event attendance and, most importantly, have fun!

First meeting: 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 10 in 251 Willard.

Fundraising (Freshmen and Sophomores)

The fundraising committee’s aim for the 2013-2014 school year is to raise funds in support of the Penn State PRSSA Chapter, while increasing awareness of the organization. During weekly meetings, members will generate fundraising ideas in addition to executing fundraising events from start to finish. In the past, the committee has teamed up with local businesses such as Cold Stone Creamery and Insomnia Cookies.

First meeting: 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 10 in 270 Willard.

Communications (All Students)

The Communication Committee (“CommComm”) is responsible for creating the newsletter for Penn State Chapter of PRSSA. The newsletter is a tool to inform current and past members about a variety of topics and events within PRSSA. Articles are written by each of the committee members, then edited and assembled by the committee chairs. In addition, committee members can write blog posts for the PRSSA Blog. CommComm offers members an opportunity to strengthen their writing skills, develop teamwork within the committee and become more involved in PRSSA as a whole.

First meeting: 7 p.m. on Wednesday, September 11 in 071 Willard.

Philanthropy/THON (All Students)

The PRSSA THON Committee works as a family to support THON and other philanthropies. We attend canning trips, develop relationships with our THON families, the Whiteheads and the Scotts, as well as attend and support other philanthropic events. This year we hope to create a family bond within the committee and develop a deeper relationship with our THON families. We also hope to improve PRSSA’s philanthropic involvement outside of THON!

First meeting: 8 p.m. on Wednesday, September 11 in 167 Willard.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these committees, please contact committee chairs. We hope to see you at some of our meetings!

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