Attention Freshmen! You Should Join PRSSA

By Amelia Friedrichs, Fundraising Chair

Penn State sweatpants

Image Credit: Nittany Outlet

“I actually wore sweatpants the first day of school to look more college-like,” said a freshman girl smiling a few seats away. To this, I immediately laughed, knowing that only a few years ago I felt the exact same way.

To every freshman out there, please know that there’s no secret to looking more “college-like,” just as there’s no right or wrong way of “doing college.” If you haven’t found out already, you will soon realize there’s a way of tackling college that works best for you – not anyone else.

Though with that said, there are ways to extract the most out of your college experience as you begin your new journey. Getting involved at Penn State is one way to do so – guaranteed!

Were you overwhelmed at the Involvement Fair? Are you unsure of what major to pursue? Or, perhaps you know exactly where your career is headed. Whatever the case, it’s time to add PRSSA to your list.

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) provides members with knowledge of public relations and the communications industry. Whether you’re a biology major, a computer engineer, pursuing graphic design or minoring in business, you will someday encounter the need to effectively communicate with others. PRSSA gives you access to professional development opportunities and will send you out into the world as a well-prepared professional.

Check out just a few of the benefits of PRSSA:

1. Networking. From guest speakers, to regional and national conferences, the networking possibilities are endless. During your college career, you’re going to hear a lot about the importance of networking. Take this opportunity to network with other students, Penn State faculty and even experienced professionals.

2. Membership. Becoming involved in a nationally recognized organization is not only a resume booster, but a smart idea. Remember: it’s nationally known for a reason! If you’re pursuing communications, PRSSA can reinforce your interests and expose you to even more. If you’re outside the communications field, PRSSA is a great way to enhance your well-rounded image on paper.

3. Internships. Once a member of PRSSA, you gain access to a whole slew of internships you probably never knew were out there. Plus, you’ll learn the ins and outs of applying for your first internship, and what to expect once you land one.

4. Increase expertise. Gain opportunities to attend to various workshops to refine your skills and learn new ones. You can even learn how to market yourself in the professional world. No matter the career path, you’ll need to cast yourself as a professional, well-spoken, knowledgeable person. PRSSA can help you get there.

5. Lead. PRSSA members have the ability to apply for tons of leadership positions, which is something future employers will want to see. The more involved you get, the better chance you have of becoming a leader.

So if you chose to wear sweatpants on the first day of school, don’t worry. Most would be willing to wager you felt awesome in those sweatpants and probably accomplished all you wanted to. To be honest, that’s what college is about – finding the tools you need to accomplish your goals. For some of you, one of those tools might come from PRSSA!

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