Corporate Spotlight: Dow Chemical

By Zach Dugan, Director of Creative Production

On Monday, September 16, Dow Chemical will be in Happy Valley to recruit for their public affairs division. While in town they will also be meeting with PRSSA executive members before hosting an information session at 6 p.m. in 265 Willard.

Dow Chemical

I had the privilege to have interned with Dow during the past two summers, both in their world headquarters, located in Midland, MI, and in Philadelphia. While there, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Both summers were very different in the scope of work I was a part of, but each had their own lessons.

For those of you questioning how I ended up at a chemical company for two summers as a PR major, you are not the first. Yes – I almost failed chemistry in high school. Yes – I came to school expecting to go into a PR agency. But no – I don’t regret one moment I had at Dow.

During my time at Dow, I was able to work on internal communications, external promotions, event planning, community relations, a bit of advertising and more. Experiencing working in the corporate headquarters, as well as the Philadelphia site helped me learn a lot about how different offices work and the kind of inter-office processes.

Still using the skills and methods learned here at Penn State, I was able to benefit the several campaigns I had the opportunity to work on with my team. From writing to developing more creative tactics, we were able to address the current problems to further promote Dow’s brand and initiatives.

Simply put, Dow is full of surprises as far as the innovations they are part of. I recently described a lot of what they do as, “they make the stuff that makes your stuff.”

Next time you look at your phone, remember that Dow makes most of the parts inside. From gluten free bread to the future of alternative energy, Dow is leading the way on many fronts. Check out for more information – it’s pretty cool stuff!

Despite the obvious bias, I implore all of you to check out the information session on Monday and look out for the email about the PRSSA-Dow meet and greet. For more information about Dow, visit:

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