What You Missed at Last Week’s Event Planning Meeting

By Victoria Scipione, Event Planning Chair

It’s finally that time of year again: committee time! The summer has slowly begun to fade and students are becoming acclimated again to the new school year. All of the executive board and chair members of PRSSA are working hard to make this semester a great one with many awesome upcoming things to look forward to.

I am the chair for the Event Planning Committee, and last Tuesday, September 10, was our first meeting. We started off the meeting with some general house keeping rules such as dues, attendance and other reminders. With all of that being out of the way, we were extremely excited to dive right in.

Everyone took some time to meet each other and learn everyone’s names. We wanted everyone to get an understanding of all the different majors in the room and what everyone was interested in learning this year. Once everyone had a chance to speak we jumped into some events.

We discussed previous events such as why some worked and some didn’t. When we talked about the ones that didn’t, we made sure to show how we can over come different obstacles. It’s all about learning from your mistakes.

After talking about previous events we opened the floor to conversation for ideas. I was extremely impressed by the amount of people participating and shouting out different ideas they had. We got ideas for a networking day, restaurant tour, an ethnic food cultural day, a puppy relaxation day, a throw-back prom dance, powder-puff and many more. Everyone seemed really interested in all of the ideas.

We also agreed to try to stay away from different venues such as bars and clubs, since that was done in the past and seemed too repetitive. Everyone agreed we wanted to reach outside of the box and try things that were never done before.

This week we will be voting on the top three events. I have extremely high hopes for this wonderful committee as we begin our journey of event planning! We hope you’ll join us for our next meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 17 in 251 Willard.

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