PRSSA For The Kids

By Caroline Nelson, THON/Philanthropy Committee Chair

With THON 2014 quickly approaching, I cannot help but become even more excited about the events to come. The Public Relations Student Society is a very fortunate organization because we have two amazing THON families.

We have, of course, the incredible Emily Whitehead family. Aside from casually walking down red carpets in L.A., the Whiteheads have opened their doors and their hearts to welcome all the members of PRSSA. Whether it is building forts under the diligent supervision of Em, or riding around the backyard on her pink four-wheeler, a trip to the Whiteheads is always a fun-filled evening. Em will tire you out!

Visiting with the Whiteheads

Visiting with the Whiteheads last weekend

Our other amazing family is the Colleen Scott family. The Scotts live an unbelievably normal life, so sometimes it’s hard to believe they once had to deal with the tragedy all Four Diamonds families face. Colleen is a sophomore and in her high school marching band. Her little brother Ian enjoys playing sports, and of course the ever important job of annoying his older sister. It is wonderful visiting the Scotts in their home, from watching Colleen at football games to playing maraTHON rounds of Uno (pun very much intended). PRSSA has been fortunate enough to become part of the Scott family.

Visiting with the Scotts

Visiting with the Scotts in 2012

THON 2014 will be a great experience for anyone who dares to venture into 167 Willard at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays. This year PRSSA plans to organize multiple fundraisers, including our second annual tutu sale which is a sure-fire way to have fun while making a must-have item for THON weekend.

For now, we are looking forward to our first canning weekend this weekend, where all members who signed up are headed for a fun-filled weekend in Philly, ending with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 5K for cancer research, where everyone on the trip will get to meet the Whiteheads.

FTK Always,

Caroline Nelson

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