6 Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

By Jacqueline Till, Communications Committee

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that acts as an online resume for job seekers and a search engine for employers. Unlike most social media sites, you don’t have to update LinkedIn as often. You should update your LinkedIn profile as frequently you update your resume.

Here are six tips to improve your LinkedIn profile:

1. Use an appropriate picture.

Catch the attention of potential employers with a professional photo. Make sure your photo is a high-quality, individual headshot. Your picture should reflect how would you present yourself at a job interview. If you need a camera, Penn State students can rent equipment from the library without charge.

2. Create a summary.

Use the summary space as an opportunity to flaunt your writing style and identify your career goals. Start with an introduction, review your internship experiences, and conclude with details on your job aspirations.

3. Revamp your experience section.

LinkedIn recently added a feature allowing users to attach a file or link to a specific professional experience. You can showcase specific examples of your work, providing employers with portfolio-worthy content. For example, you can upload a screenshot that captures a collection of your tweets from a social media internship. Uploading examples give your profile some more visual attributes and provides concrete examples of your talent.

5. Ask for recommendations.

A written testimonial from past co-workers and managers will impress employers immediately. Ask your previous internship supervisors through a personalized message on LinkedIn or email them with a link to your profile. Ideally, they will also feel comfortable endorsing you in the Skills & Expertise section.

6. Utilize the “People You May Know” tool.

LinkedIn suggests potential people for your network based on shared connections, educational institutions and work experience. Send LinkedIn requests with a personalized message to add authenticity.

You should curate your LinkedIn profile like you do any other social networking site. Update it regularly, reach out to people and join conversation on topics that interest you.

Also, stay connected with PRSSA by joining the Penn State PRSSA LinkedIn Group. Hopefully, with these tips, your profile strength will reach the “All Star” level!

What are some other tips you have for improving your LinkedIn profile?

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