Finding Knowledge in the Newspaper

By Lauren Purisky, Communications Committee

As college students, sometimes we forget that things are happening in the world around campus. This won’t be you, however, if you are enrolled in COMM 370: Introduction to Public Relations. A requirement for this course is to take several quizzes based on what you read in the textbook as well as the daily newspaper.

While some students don’t mind the ability to forget the world outside Penn State, a necessity for anyone entering the world of PR is to be well-versed in current world affairs.

Prior to taking 370, I was not too concerned with the events going on in the world. Once I saw the syllabus, I was dreading having to spend time reading the newspaper every day about things that didn’t worry me.

But now, only a few weeks into the semester, I’m actually enjoying reading the paper. Being able to form and share my own opinions about situations such as the crisis in Syria and the Great Recession is extremely enlightening and invigorating.

I was talking to my roommate earlier this week and she mentioned that someone had randomly interviewed her about her stance on the happenings in Syria. She told me she was not exactly sure what was going on there, so she had no stance or opinion on the matter to share with the interviewer.

I realized in that moment that I knew what was happening in Syria and actually had my own thoughts about the crisis. Seeing that I had never been up to date on world events until recently, I was shocked but also excited to realize this. Had I not been reading the newspaper, I would have been in the same position as my roommate.

Even though it seems like a hindrance on busy days, getting into the routine of reading the newspaper each day and evaluating current events is a great way to get ready for my future profession. It’s never too early to begin preparing for your future.

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