Cold Stone Fundraiser Benefitting THON on Oct. 17!

By Rachel Gluck, Director of Philanthropy

PRSSA THON has been quite busy these past few weeks. From canning trips to fundraisers to spending time with our THON families, the fun never seems to stop. It has been inspiring and exciting to see the committee working together and becoming a family. Their passion for THON is contagious. As the end of October approaches, we have been planning multiple alternative fundraisers and the second canning trip of the season!

Cold Stone Fundraiser

Our first fundraiser will be from 5-9 p.m. on Oct. 17 at Cold Stone Creamery! The Whiteheads, our THON family, will also be there and you will even see our members scooping ice cream behind the counter. For updates, check out our event on Facebook. If you love ice cream and THON then make sure to stop by!

Not only is our fundraiser this week but the following day we set off for Canning Weekend #2! It is amazing how fast the weeks are going and everyone on the committee is very excited. Our first canning trip was one of our most successful trips ever and I am so proud of the committee for their hard work and dedication. I believe one of the best parts of the canning weekend is getting to bond with everyone and announcing the reveal of how much was raised. It is truly incredible that thousands of students give up their weekends to raise money FTK.

As THON season continues I am looking forward to spending even more time with the committee and our THON families. THON inspires me every single day and I am thankful to be part of it.

For The Kids, For The Families, For The Cure!

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