Foundations for Innovation: PRSSA National Conference 2013

By Victoria Maseda, Director of Finance

The long awaited national PRSSA event of the year is finally here! This week, Carolyn and I are traveling to Philadelphia to attend National Conference.

PRSSA National Conference

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This years theme, Foundation for Innovation, suits the location perfectly as Philadelphia is a historical foundation for the future of America’s innovations. I cannot wait to see how this theme is carried and related to PR during the five day conference.

National Conference presents PRSSA members from across the county an opportunity to attend a series of professional development workshops and discussions. Industry professionals with experience in all sectors of communications will present on their experiences.

One session I cannot miss is “Leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility.” After my completing my summer internship project on CSR, I have taken an interest in CSR, and I am interested to hear what insight presenters Daniel Korschun and Jennifer Gazzerro will provide. Each seminar is valuable to learning firsthand from knowledgeable PR pros and discover your path in this industry.

More than 1,000 students will attend National Conference this year. I always look forward to meeting PRSSA students from across the country. Connecting with peers on common careers aspirations and interests is a fun aspect about conference. You never know which of these PRSSA members could one day be your co-worker!

If you want to learn more about this year’s National Conference, then refer to the website. To keep up with Carolyn and me at National Conference, don’t forget to follow Penn State PRSSA’s social media and blog!

 Twitter: @PennStatePRSSA


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