Whose Blogs Should I Be Following in the PR Industry?

By Danielle Sampsell, Communications Committee

In the past few years, social media has become one of the key elements in public relations campaigns and in our daily lives. Whether you’re walking to class, sitting in an office or in the car on a road trip, there’s a good chance that you also happen to be on your smartphone getting updated with the latest news on Twitter and selfies on Instagram.

Although our friends and favorite celebrities tweets tend to suck us in, as aspiring PR professionals, we should be paying more attention to the bloggers and sites that will actually benefit us now and in the future.

Recently, Inkybee’s Software released their 2013 list of the World’s Best PR Blogs. Out of their list of 60 blogs, three stood out to me as being noteworthy of a mention, and a follow:

1. PR in Your Pajamas

PR in Your Pajamas, a blog site run by Elena Verlee, made Inkybee’s list at #8. Verlee has two decades of brand-building experience and works to promote companies in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. PR in Your Pajamas has articles and posts for everyone. The site is very laid back and offers great advice to aspiring PR professionals. It focuses on the basics of PR from a small business owner and entrepreneur standpoint.


PRSAY is the forum for PRSA members. Ranked at #14 on the Inkybee’s list, the blog allows PRSA members, PRSSA members and all public relations professionals to engage in dialogue and share viewpoints on current public relations issues. The blog allows readers to be very engaged and involved, as anyone can very easily join the conversation. PRSAY is a great way for PRSSA members to see what the professionals are up to and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

3. PR News

Rated #3 by Inkybee, PR News is described as “the go-to source for communications professionals for nearly 70 years.” PR News has valuable case studies and articles on a variety of communications topics, mostly related to public relations. Along with case studies, PR News provides detailed how-to articles and keeps the PR industry up to speed on the latest news.

These are just three of the many PR blogs out there for professionals and aspiring professionals to take in. Take a look at Inkybee’s list for many more.

Each blog has its own content and style to make it unique. Whether you choose to follow these three blogs is up to you. However, I do recommend finding a good PR blog or two to keep up with. You’ll be able to stay in-the-know with what’s going on in the world of public relations.

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