PRSSA 101 Event Recap

By Vickie Maseda, Director of Finance

On Tuesday night, there was a big turnout for the PRSSA 101 WoPRSSA 101rkshop. All members — new and returning — were invited to learn about the valuable personal and professional experience they can gain from PRSSA.

Members of the Executive Board kicked off the workshop by sharing what each of us gained from our involvement. Personally, I love PRSSA for the emphasis our organization places on professional development, such as networking. We have a lot of opportunities to connect with not only industry professionals but also our peers. Over my four years in PRSSA, I have developed close friendships with people I know I can lean on and bounce ideas off of in any situation whether it is for personal advice or professional guidance both now and in the future.

The second stage of the workshop included informal, small-group discussions about the following topics: PRSSA committees, leadership, creative design software, internships, interviewing and networking. Each rotation lasted 10 minutes and were led by exec board and committee chairs. We encouraged the general members to ask anything on their mind related to the topic they chose to listen about. Groups leaders also candidly shared their personal advice and experiences related to those topics.

Here are the main take-a-ways I hope our general members got from attending PRSSA 101:

1. Be an ACTIVE member: Since our chapter has four committees, we encourage members to join a committee (or more than one!) they feel passionate about. Don’t just walk in and out of the meeting room each week. Make sure to put your ideas out there and connect with the committee members outside of meetings. We encourage all majors to join us, so make a connection with someone who has similar interests or goals.

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