Four Essential Tips for Landing Your Summer Internship

By Andrew Patterson, Communications Chair

Original photo

Original photo courtesy of Penn State PRSSA

As the Career Fair and summer approaches, the anxiety of finding a summer internship can build within a PR student. The importance of internships is something that is ingrained early on, and for good reason. The competitive nature of the job market  seeks those who have previous experience. Companies and organizations are looking for graduates who can adapt quickly and perform immediately. Nothing gives you these experiences and makes you stand out more than getting a good internship.

However, the quest of landing some of these internships can seem like a daunting task, especially for those inexperienced with the process. Because of this, I’ll lend some practical advice.

1. Get your resume’ and cover letters in order (first and foremost)

Before you can start applying, you need to have the essentials squared away. A strong resume’ and cover letter is your first impression, even before an interview. Invest time in this. You will likely find that this will be the most time-consuming aspect of applying for internships. Go online and find templates for resume’ and cover letters, and follow them closely. There are rules and accepted practices for how these things are done. Go to Career Services and have specialists look over your resume’ and cover letter. Once everything has been checked over and formatted correctly, you will now have your own perfectly designed resume’ and cover letter template that you will use when applying to any position.

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