What’s Stopping you from Being a Creative Powerhouse?

By Alex Yakacki, Director of Creative Productions

In today’s innovative and ever-changing world, technology is part of everything we

do. From the moment our phone alarm goes off in the morning to our final waking

moments checking the latest tweets in bed, we interact with it. In between rise and

slumber we are faced with more complex tools than an iPhone.

It is important, as young professionals, to keep up with the developments of tech

tools and programs. In the sphere of public relations, technologies can have

profound effects on a target audience. Employers know this and actively scout for

those with applicable knowledge in hardware and software relevant to the PR field.

It is tremendously important to keep yourself up-to-date and take initiative.

You may be saying to yourself: They don’t teach Photoshop in class or I was never

even shown how to operate a camera.


These may be true statements, but they shouldn’t be used as excuses. Penn State

offers an incredible amount of resources for its students. The university could

take you from “I don’t know” to pro as fast as you could retain the information.

Check out the chart below for all of the information you need to become a creative


Check out our Creative Tip Sheet here.


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