The Twitter Debate: Professional vs Personal Accounts

By Madeline Brown, Director of Membership

In today’s social media savvy and obsessed world, internship and job searches require us to maintain professional in all aspects of our lives, especially social media.

There is anongoing debate about what is appropriate for an employer to see on your social media.

Should you have a private personal Twitter account to post on topics deemed


Courtesy of Photobucket

inappropriate to employers and a professional Twitter only for posting about industry news? Or should you have one personal Twitter account and monitor slightly what you say?

In my opinion…stick to one Twitter account.

I personally only have one Twitter account. While I try to monitor my posts slightly on my account, it’s important to show future employers your personality. This does not  include posting anything with foul language or pictures of students out on the weekends, but more about your passions and hobbies in life besides being a college student. For me, I’m extremely passionate about the entertainment industry, so mixing up personal posts about my new favorite TV show, my favorite actor/actress with entertainment news articles shows that not only am I providing my followers with my personal opinion on entertainment but also news about the industry and field that I’m pursuing.

Another perk of having one single Twitter account is that professionals and future employers can see that you are extremely active on social media by the number and type of followers you have and the number of tweets. If you have two accounts, it’s harder to have the same amount of followers on both and if you are a busy aspiring PR professional like we all are, it’s going to be hard to find the time to post equally on both accounts.

Having one Twitter account builds your personal brand. Weigh the pros and cons and decide: if you can slightly monitor what you tweet, why not have one Twitter account and make it great? It’s important to show employers that you’re not just an account, but a person too.

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