Six Pieces of Advice for my High School-Self

By: Jen Diehl, Event Planning Committee Chair

Senior year of college is winding down and it has led me to reflect on my experience at Penn State. I feel as though I was prepared but the truth is you never know what college, or life for that matter,jd will throw at you. I’ve been thinking of advice I would give to my high school-self if I could go back in time to 2010. These pieces of advice are not only applicable to me four years ago, but to anyone in high school heading to college in the fall.

  1. Be ready to make sacrifices and compromises

Your day is no longer a block of classes followed by working a part-time job or going to sports practice. Just because classes only meet twice or three times a week does not mean you have a great deal of extra time. Also, understand that group projects require work from an entire group. Be prepared to meet outside of class and on the weekends (yes, I just said weekends), to complete your work. Even an extra hour each week outside of class goes a long way.

  1. Create a Gmail account and familiarize yourself with Google Docs

This is one thing I actually did towards the end of high school. I can’t tell you how many times in group projects and extra curriculars I have had to use a Google Doc, and how difficult it is when someone is unfamiliar with how it works. Don’t stick your head in the sand; Google Documents will actually make your life easier! They give you the ability to simultaneously work on a single document and it will automatically save your work.

  1. Have a package of thank-you cards at all times

You will come across many people throughout your college career that will help you out; whether that is an advisor, a professor, a mentor, an interviewer, or even a friend. People appreciate personal notes with the digital whirlwind we live in today, and sending them a “thank you” note will make them more willing to connect with you in the future!

  1. Get involved early, and if you get involved- be committed!

If you join an organization on campus, be in that organization on campus. It’s honestly a waste of time if you connect with people you already know and constantly skip meetings.

  1. Be prepared to be flexible, on and off campus

Enough said.

  1. ENJOY IT! 🙂

The last four years have been amazing and I truly wouldn’t change a thing! Give everything your all and you won’t be disappointed with your experience. Work hard, but take some time for yourself. You will never be this free again!

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