Summer vacation doesn’t mean a break from online branding

By: Kristina Lintz, Director of PR

We all love summer vacation. It means we survived another brutal State College winter, gives us a break from trying to find alternative routes to class because of the construction on campus, and alleviates the stress that comes with juggling classes, clubs, and social events. But what about your online brand that can be neglected during the busy semesters? 


More often than not, it falls by the wayside, but we have three months off now, so it is the perfect time to rebuild your online identity. With less pressure to complete assignments and projects, you can leisurely update and easily maintain a website/blog in your spare time. 

You may wonder what you can write about, and I say: anything. Do you have an internship? Write about what you’ve been learning and how you’ll apply it once the summer is over. Did you relocate for the summer? Write a short piece about how you have been readjusting, friends you’ve made, or great food in your new area. 

Even something as simple as reading about public relations or advertising news can be enough material for a blog post, check out websites like PRDaily, AdWeek and FastCompany for an entertaining spin on branding and marketing.

Sites such as WordPress, Wix and Blogger have simple, ready-to-use templates that alleviate the stress of actually designing a website while still giving you freedom to tweak certain aspects of the page and add as many or a few tabs that you’d like. You could have a static front Welcome page, or have people land on your blog, or your About Me page.

On your About Me page, which I do recommend you have, you should put basic information about yourself – maybe expand on those parts of your resume but also add color – did you study abroad? Do you love to travel? Have a slight addiction to coffee? Love a certain type of sport? This is the place to put it! You should also include a headshot. Now, my recommendation is you just put your selfie-skills to work here and take a simple picture of yourself with a clean background, or have a friend take a picture of you at the lion shrine, but in my opinion, this isn’t the place to post your Facebook pictures of you and your friends.

The point is: it’s summer, and that means relaxing and not thinking too much about school work, but use this time to the best of your advantage and create something worthwhile. The pieces you write for your website can easily be incorporated into your portfolio when it comes time to go job hunting!

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