Corporate Fashion 101: Summer Doesn’t Mean Slack Off

By: Emily Grabowski, Co-Director of Regional Conference

While most people think of summer attire as flip flops, bathing suits, and cover-ups, PR professionals dress a bit differently. Flashing back to the winter time, interning or going into work was simple. You’d get ready, throw on a nice pair of dress pants, a blouse, and maybe even a fancy sweater. In the summer, the task of getting dressed for an office job just isn’t as simple. There are a few rules that every young professional should keep in mind as they attempt to get ready for the business day in the sweltering heat.

1. First impressions are EVERYTHING!
We all know that a t-shirt and shorts would be everyone’s go-to outfit on a hot day, but in the professional world, this is just not the case. Always remember to dress to impress, no matter what the temperature is outside.

2. There are still ways to be fashionable in hot weather.
For example, a nice sundress paired with elegant sandals would be the perfect office outfit for a hot day. For men, there is nothing wrong with a light polo shirt and dress pants. Work your outfit, literally!

3. Remember to layer.
In most offices, the air conditioning will be cranked up to arctic temperatures. Although it may be scorching outside, always bring a sweater or light jacket to slip on when inside a building. The worst scenario is meeting with a client or boss and shivering so much that you just can’t concentrate!

4. Don’t show too much skin.
This one is definitely targeted more towards the ladies, but it is still an issue overall. No one wants to feel uncomfortable at their workplace. It is completely fine to wear a nice dress, just make sure it is an appropriate length. If you want to wear a sleeveless shirt, fine – just make sure to keep a sweater handy! Men – don’t ever untuck your shirt, regardless of any weather changes.

5. Don’t torture yourself!
While on the job, the last thing you should be concerned about is your outfit choice. Plan ahead and choose an outfit the night before, keeping in mind if it might rain or if there is a heat wave in effect. Remain comfortable at all times, just not too comfortable of course!

It is always important to use your common sense when entering the workplace. Your outfit choice is no exception. As an intern especially, it is important to maintain your appearance and to present yourself in a positive way. The summer creates many struggles in terms of office life, but it should not affect the way you dress. Be sure to check out summer business attire ideas on Pinterest, share clothing ideas with your other working friends, or even ask a family member or mentor for their opinion. Enjoy the summer months and enjoy dressing yourself for a busy day in the life of a business professional!

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