Introducing PRSSA’s new committees

Welcome back to school, everyone! As excited as we are to get started working on events, newsletters and all the fun things PRSSA has in store, we would first like to introduce the new committees that we will have this year. Our first general meeting is September 2 at 7:00 pm. Location TBA.

If you’ve been in PRSSA in years past, you’ll notice that these four new committees are largely the same compared to last year. However, we noticed that some groups naturally began to work on different projects and felt the division among the four committees was no longer applicable. As always, all committees will offer opportunities to learn about public relations and all it entails: networking, event planning, writing, and the like.

Come visit us at the Involvement Fair in the HUB tomorrow!

Members of the executive board will be there to answer questions about PRSSA and we would love to meet you!
Welcome PRSSA

Strategic Planning [Freshman and Sophomore] – This committee is open to all freshmen and sophomores in PRSSA. It will offer weekly lessons in the fundamentals of public relations and communications to help students enhance their classroom education. As a committee you will also work together towards planning various small and large fundraisers towards the end of each semester. Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to work with members in the event planning committee as well as help to plan various THON fundraisers with the Philanthropy committee.

Event Planning [Junior and Seniors] – The event planning committee primarily plan and executes 2-3 mid-size events per semester. They partner with other on campus organizations and downtown venues to put on various events, as well as plan them as a free standing organization. The event planning committee is responsible for all aspects of the event. From booking the venue and building the event from scratch, to sending out press releases and creating a social media strategy for each one, this committee gives juniors and seniors a real hands on experience with all aspects of event planning. The skills learned with Event planning are an integral part of public relations or communications career.

Communications & Digital Strategy [All grade levels] – The communications committee is open to active members of all grades. They concentrate heavily on learning and improving their writing skills by creating content for the PRSSA newsletter and the blog. They will also learn about graphic design, InDesign, social media strategies and more. They will also help the Directors of Creative Production with creating, editing and finalizing video blogs. This committee is both group work and independent and offers members great pieces for their portfolio.

THON/Philanthropy [All grade levels] – THON is responsible for planning and executing multiple THON related fundraisers and attending Philanthropy events throughout the year. Additionally, members have a unique opportunity to build a relationship with our THON family. Members will spend time planning various activities and events to enjoy together as a committee as well as with our THON family.

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