Our President’s Welcome Back Message

Hi everyone and welcome back to school! I hope you all had amazing summers filled with fun, learning opportunities and bit of relaxation. This summer has been a busy one for the leadership of PRSSA as we decided to make a few changes to our amazing organization.

As you may have read in our previous blog, PRSSA will not quite look the same as it has in the past. The executive board took a step back and looked at how the organization was structured and run and wanted to make a few improvements so that we more closely relate the public relations industry as it is today.

The word ‘improvement’ is a much better word than ‘change.’ Change can be associated with the negative and not everybody likes change. But the improvements we have made to PRSSA truly build off of what has been established through the years. Things have just been altered a bit to better fit our members interest and give them an improved learning platform for the year. PRPERSPECTIVE

With these new committees, we also want the organization to appeal to more than just PR majors. As we have all learned in class, public relations and communications in general is an ever changing field and more and more, it is becoming a cross-disciplinary job. With that in mind, this organization will now welcome any major that is looking to be involved.

In addition to some of the structural changes to PRSSA, we have a lot going on in the organization for the 2014-2015 school year. The executive board hopes to attend the PRSSA National Conference in our nations beautiful capital, Washington D.C., in early October.

In addition to National Conference, we have submitted a bid to host the 2015 Regional Conference. Though we are unaware at this time if we have won the bid, as the President I can truly say the organization learned a lot about itself and team members when putting together the bid. Though we will have to wait a few weeks to know if we won the bid our fingers will be crossed and even if we don’t win it, the planning and bid process alone has been an incredible learning experience.

The Directors of Chapter Development have also been hard at work, contacting different professionals in the industry to speak at our general meetings. We are almost booked for the Fall semester and have some amazing speakers lined up that I for one cannot wait to share the official announcements as they come month by month.

You also may have noticed a drastic webpage overhaul. Our new look was created by the Directors of Public Relations to go with our new structure! (And doesn’t it look great?!?)

Finally, tonight at our first general meeting at 7:00 pm in 358 Willard, I will be making a surprise announcement that I cannot wait to share!

The entire executive board is so excited about the changes we have made to PRSSA this year and we are excited to watch the organization grow this year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at psuprssa@gmail.com.

See you tonight!

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