The Intern Queen shares tips on how to ‘go further!’

By: Rachel Gluck, Vice President

Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen, presented to Penn State students last night in 102 Thomas at 6 p.m. The evening was filled with excitement, positivity and helpful advice that every communications student wanted to learn more about. Lauren Berger Event

Berger launched in 2009 as a place for students to find internships to help launch their career. Today, the website not only provides students with internship opportunities but also a blog that gives helpful advice from how to interview to how to write thank-you notes. Now, five years later, Berger has grown her company into a large community of students who can even apply to be Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors.

Her presentation was hosted by the Ford College Campus Ambassador challenge that she developed. After an entire year of following up with Ford executives, Berger was able to organize this challenge among nine other schools.

Incase you missed the event last night here are some helpful tips that Berger shared with us:

Ralf Called Taylor A Flirt

Recognize these are your professional contacts.
Connect with professional contacts within 24 hours of meeting them.
Track your professional contacts by using Google Alerts.
Add value to the relationship you are building. Make sure it is mutually beneficial. There should always be a give and take.
Follow up three times a year during the fall, spring and summer months.

Berger says to always go further in everything that you do! You should never let a no stop you from achieving what you want.

Feel free to contact Lauren Berger at

Image credit: Rachel Gluck

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