Starbucks debuts first global campaign, ‘Meet Me at Starbucks’

By: Lera Osipov, Communications and Digital Strategy Committee Member

Starbucks has been around for years. This modern and innovative coffee shop has thrived rapidly and now has thousands of locations around the world. When it first got its start, Starbucks attracted unique individuals that needed an intimate and creative space to relax.

Today, it has become a big brand name that we all recognize. With locations at every corner, it’s hard not to be intimidated by the coffee giant. But Starbucks wants people to know it is more than a corporation. The initial purpose behind the brand is still the same: Starbucks is a place where people come together. However, the global titan wants to bring life back into the shop and show that there’s more than meets the eye behind the booming business.

With the hope to rebrand the name, Starbucks released their first global ad campaign. The heart of the campaign is a video called “Meet Me at Starbucks” and is compiled of clips filmed in various Starbucks locations around the globe. The clips feature the vibrant people that walk through the coffee shop’s doors every day. The six-minute documentary shows the smiles and laughs, the embracing hugs of loved ones reuniting, and the clubs and events that choose to meet inside its structured walls. It is no longer about their products, it is about their customers.

Starbucks wants to show exactly why people gather there and the interactions that take place. The video is a fresh start for the coffee chain and shows that they have not lost their heart. It is inspiring and establishes a special connection between Starbucks customers everywhere. The campaign seems to be effective, in our eyes. It brings a certain something to the table that many huge corporations have lost or forgotten along their way to fame. The campaign wants to say Starbucks is not a snobby coffee shop, but an intimate space welcoming each person for whom they are.

Behind the particular reasons that bring people to Starbucks, it is simply a convenient place that people know and love and that is exactly what the campaign shows. A possible limitation could be continuing the campaign and keeping it creative because there are only so many unique stories to share before the clips start to become repetitive.

It may lose its spark after a while but that is a risk with just about any advertising campaign. Nevertheless, the brand has returned to its roots and reinvented itself. With this new direction, Starbucks is sure to gain back its original fans and show that they have not lost their values.

Image credit: Mike Peters, Pocket Full of Liberty

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