2015 Regional Conference Registration Deadline Quickly Approaching

This year’s theme, “PR Industries Defined: #PluggedintoPR” relates to the concept that as young professionals, choosing an industry for a PR career is often a difficult and overwhelming task. After talking to countless public relations majors, it became evident that there is an ongoing struggle to generally find where to “plug oneself” following graduation.

The focus of this conference is to expose student audiences to the broad spectrum of existing PR industries in the most interesting and interactive way possible. Only until industry insight is available, will students truly find a way to be “plugged into PR.”

To achieve this, our Regional Conference will host a variety of speakers, each with knowledge and expertise in an assortment of different industries: Food and Beverage, Crisis Communications, Entertainment, Health, Brand Marketing, Fashion and Lifestyle and Consumer Products. Students will have the opportunity to listen to three different speakers in addition to our keynote speaker, who will speak about the different industries they have experienced.

The conference will boast industry’s top professionals, agencies and corporations while attendees will participate in PR workshops, keynote speakers and team building activities.

Register by Thursday, January 29th, to reserve your spot!


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